What is TokenTown?

A next-gen HOA governed by a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

TokenTown is a project by REtoken | The Real Estate DAO.

Founding Citizen

(Round 1 | Limit: 32)

NFT Founding Citizen Benefits / Parameters

NOTE: Applies only to “TokenTown Colorado”

  • ideally will be people wanting to physically live within this new Colorado subdivision
  • Limiting to 32 Founding Citizens @ 1 $ETH/ea for Round 1
  • NOTE: the 1 $ETH is a deposit & “skin-in-the-game” signal and Founding Citizens will collectively decide on how to earn yield with the 32 $ETH. This is NOT an investment and does NOT suggest or imply any future returns on any project.
  • TokenTown-CO will develop a “hybrid DAO governance” model with heavier voting rights granted to NFT holders
  • Also tokenized #web3 community: $TTCO
  • NFT holders will have priority on parcels in this tokenized subdivision
  • Will have conversations about (1) using Proof of Humanity or BrightID, (2) “RageQuit” feature (3) asking for people to commit to 6 months (IE: till 01Apr2022) for developing TokenTown Colorado.

Unlock your Key to TokenTown

We have utilized @UnlockProtocol to create our smart contract which functions as a “Membership NFT”.